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Just received my baby Sulcata tortoise hatchling and she(I think) was ready to go as soon as she got out of the box. We did a warm soak and she started to explore and eat away on her plants we planted inside her enclosure! We are super pleased!

Danielle Nute / Google Review
Baby Russian tortoises for sale online

I ordered a tortoise from them (luxury tortoise store) and he was shipped great! He was super friendly and is very healthy. They shipped very next day and their customer service was A plus. My guy is really the nicest panther chameleon for sale I have ever seen in fact. 

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ivory sulcata tortoise for sale

I ordered 3 hatchling pink belly side neck turtles, they arrived healthy and warm. I immediately put them in a bowl of water, and they were active right away and also ate hatchlings pellet food. 2 weeks later the turtles are still very active and eating. They are wonderful, color on them is very bright and very good quality. 

Martins / Google Review
High Color Red Footed Tortoise for sale

Was looking for a Texas Diamondback terrapin These guys had some. Couple messages back and forth and decided to order. Placed order on a Sunday with Presidents’ Day the next day. Received a phone call that they couldn’t be sent out on the holiday and with bad weather coming they watched for a window that would work. They arrived overnight well insulated box and nice and warm. 

Mark Jance / Google Review
Red Footed Tortoise for sale

Luxury Tortoise Store was patient, and very informative answering all the questions I had. VERY satisfied with my baby Sulcata tortoise. He arrived very well packaged and warm. Will definitely recommend LTto any of my friends whom are interested in buying a tortoise or turtle for sale online !

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Black cherry red foot tortoise

I purchased a well started baby hermann’s tortoise for sale last May and he is doing great.  I had many questions and Luxury tortoise customer service was excellent.  They were very patient with me and made sure I fully understand their answers to my questions about habitat setup.  I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy a healthy tortoise for sale online.

Michael Bennett / Google Review
Russian Tortoise for sale

Awesome place to buy baby turtles from! I received a baby African side neck and she came fast and warm!! The packaging was great she had a little heat pack to keep her warm and toasty! Definitely will recommend to friends!! And I will definitely be ordering more from them!!

Jesse Anderson / Google Review
High Yellow Footed Tortoises FOR SALE

The new turtle is awesome. And thanks for being proponents of captive-bred breeding programs that promote the sale of happy, healthy, CB animals, and ensure that more and more wild turtles and tortoises remain free and where they belong – in the wild.  I am more than happy with my purchase and my new turtle is doing wonderful.  I would highly recommend them to anyone considering buying a turtle for sale.

Harrison / Google Review

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burmese brown mountain tortoise for sale

Bought a sulcata tortoise for sale online from tortoise town a month or so ago. She is doing excellent! Super friendly super healthy awesome baby Sulcata tortoise. Going to get another baby African spur thigh tortoise soon, probably this summer as soon as I have time to build a larger setup!

Jessica Beiner / Google Review
Radiated tortoise for sale

This morning I received the most perfect baby red footed tortoise from Luxury tortoise . I had a lot of questions regarding the setup and they were so helpful and never got annoyed with my novice questions. I would buy a baby tortoise for sale from them again or recommend them in a heartbeat.

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It has been 6 months since I bought my sulcata hatchlings for sale from Luxury Tortoise store. I waited this long to write my review after quickly finding out (after I bought him) that most hatchlings don’t survive long due to improper husbandry by the breeder as well as the whole ordeal of being shipped.

Sheila Rowan / Facebook

Super happy customer here! Georgie my new baby russian tortoise is perfect.   I searched carefully for a tortoise breeder that offered on captive bred russian tortoises for sale online and I am happy I chose Luxury Tortoise store ! Shipping was safe and secure and Georgie came out very active and ready to eat.

Zach Haggerty / Facebook

If you are looking for a baby russian tortoise then do not go to the pet store!  They are all wild caught young adults.  Real captive bred baby russian tortoise for sale are more expensive but WELL worth it!  We love her already!!!

Michele Vitulo / FaceBook